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My role

UX/UI Designer







2 months

Project Type

Individual Project

What is Moviteca?

A project that wants to encourage reading and acquiring culture in Mexico

Moviteca is one of the projects of the Laboratorio Experimental de Artes y Aplicaciones A.C., which is an association that wants to encourage reading and acquiring culture in the public, private, and educational sectors through different programs.

The Problem

Moviteca's readers need to consume all the content in one place because they sometimes miss their posts on social medial

On average, Mexicans read 3.4 books per year. People don't tend to read and every year the number of readers decreases. Moviteca attacks the problem by creating content about reading and culture, involving recommendations, tips, articles, interviews, reports, images, videos, and more, which they share on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



The association defined some goals to be accomplished

  • Create a platform that is a referent in the encouraging of reading and culture.
  • Create and show all the content they've worked on in a way their audience can explore more easily.
  • Attract more people to the project, creating a bigger community.
  • Create a platform that is clean, contemporary, and shows order and professionalism.

User Personas

Based on the research done by the association, I defined three personas

There are three target users, people interested in literature in general, people interested in promoting reading in children, and people who work in companies where we provide our services.


Competitor Analysis

A lot of products with the same goals hasn't been updated in years

I analyzed apps from the government, schools, and editorials, which are direct competitors. Almost all of them have apps that have an interface that looks old, features that don't work, and a confusing navigation.


Pain points

What are the pain points of the competitors and can be improved in our product?


In some apps the content is complicated to read.


Some apps haven't updated its content in years.


The organization of some apps are confusing.


The style of some of the apps looks old nowadays.

The Solution

An app that lets people explore all the content that Moviteca offers

The website and the app will allow the users to explore the content in more comfortably, giving them a clearer organization, easier navigation, and better ways to consume the content than social networks provide.

Moviteca App

Card Sorting

With all the information to be displayed, I wanted to know how people categorize it

I did an open card sorting with 3 people who are constant participants in the activities of the association. The cards had the information of samples of articles that will be in the app, each card has the title, author, date, and its genre.

Card Sorting


Based on the information I got, I defined the structure of the app

I understood that the information could be displayed in different sections depending on its main goal, so I decided to create five main sections, which are the main menu.


Style Guide

A multiplatform app

One of the things the association emphasized was they wanted a fast app, which the loading time is the minimum possible. This depends on the implementation, but it can be improved with things like the typography.

The red color is the main color of the association's logo, that's why I choose it and complemented it with black and white to continue the way people read on their smartphones.

Design System

The Final Design

All our content in one single place

Discover everything we have for you

All our free content will be in the app, and you can consume it anytime, anywhere. You won't miss one of our stories again.

Navigate through the different categories

All the content belongs to a category, so it's easier to find. You can filter the articles by genres to find only what interests you.

Finding the article you want to read hasn't been easier

Read any article you want, but if you don't know what to read, don't worry, we'll suggest you the best stories at the moment.


All our media in one place

Explore all our photos and videos, never miss again one of our stories.

Consume the exclusive content we selected for you

Enterprises receive content according to the goals and necessities of their employees. Access to this content with the code of your company.


Read our content without any distraction

Read the articles inside the app, it has never been this comfortable.


I defined some scenarios which included features that I wanted to test

Due to COVID-19, the test we had planned couldn't be done, but we are going to make remote tests with some users that constantly participate in the programs of the association.

  1. A parent of one of your students wants to find a fiction book for his kid but you're out of ideas. Look for one book that fits the necessities mentioned.
  2. You saw one of our articles on Facebook but you didn't have the chance to read it at the moment. Fortunately, you remember that the title is "El arte detrás del teatro". Find the article inside the app, you're free to use any feature you think will help you.
  3. You work for BBVA, the code of the enterprise is ABC123. Access to the content for this enterprise and look for the last reading challenge.
  4. You saw the poster for one of our "Bibliopola" conference and you know that one of your friends can't miss it. Share the image with your friend via e-mail.

What I learned

Designing an app that has users waiting for its launch

  • I'm going to develop this app, so I had to design it considering my skills and the time it will take me to implement each feature.
  • Working completely remotely is a new experience, but I liked the way we can work and it helped me to be more responsible.
  • Collaborating with people who aren't involved in this field is a little hard, sometimes communication is a problem, but the way we can complement our ideas is amazing.
  • Working directly with the client is hard, they sometimes ask for things that can't be achieved with the resources. Sometimes I asked for information and had to wait weeks to receive it, the experience wasn't the best at the beginning, but I had to learn to deal with it and collaborate with them in the best way possible.